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Rhode Island
West Virginia
Remember! Be cautious of providers that require pre-payment or deposits.

Step away from ordinary & experience exceptional. When you're tired of the winter

Openings today 🌴

🏝If you're wanting a selective, high quality exclusive experience where you feel indulged, relaxed & un rushed, I will most certainly take your breath away.

👙Being mature, I possess the perfect amount of experience with a radiating warm & relaxing energy & able to find all of your trouble areas. A connection that you truly deserve. You'll discover that this is much more than a body rub.

🐬You'll receive a professional grade session that you deserve with my own unique twist.
With many years of experience & training, your journey will push your senses to their limits. Caressing all the places you delight in, finding ones that you may not even know exist.

🔆Drift away, let it go, melt into my luxurious table. Enchanting music, inhaling aromatherapy to delight your senses. Feeling the touch of my hands.
Know that I can accommodate sessions as early as 7 am with advance booking.

🏖My east end sanctuary is in a small but professional building where you're safety & security is my top priority.

🛖You're paying for a certain amount of time, & that you will receive.
No stress, work, drama, or anything that takes away from you & your time. Drift off knowing that you control the amount of banter.

🐚Leave completely relaxed knowing you can handle anything that stresses you.
🌴60 minutes
🌴75 minutes
🌴90 minutes
of delight awaits your arrival.
Inquire about NEW rates for my regular returning people, specials, etc, & NEW services.

🪸PLEASE NOTE that I'm NOT interested in seeing multiple people a day, so PRE SCHEDULING IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

🪼You should come see me if any of these apply to you:
🐙You feel like you need a restart.
🐳You desire a meaningful touch.
🦑You feel tired, strained or stressed.
🐠You are seeking a transcendent experience.
🦈Your body feels tight, achy, knotty or stressed.
🐋You're tired of meaninglessness experiences.
🐡Your current provider doesn't treat you the same as before.
🦎You desire change.
🦩You want to get away🏃‍♂️, (run fast!! Lol!), from mean, rude people if only for awhile. There's enough in the world as is so I WON'T subject you to insults in my ads or sessions. I'm confident enough in my skills to not have to do such & we're all wonderful in our own unique ways.
⛵️You desire someone original & artistic. (I've been designing unique ads with colleges for many years.)


🌊Riding the wave of success because I strive to leave you satisfied...

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